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Using stories and simple demonstrations to spark imagination and critical thinking, Bricks Challenge is Young Engineers’ most popular enrichment program. With the use of LEGO® building blocks in conjunction with other tools and mechanical parts, our specially trained educators inspire youth participants while teaching theoretical and applied principles of science, technology, mechanical engineering and math (STEM). In addition our students develop their abilities for independent learning and improve their building skills.

Young Engineers’ Bricks Challenge enrichment program introduces elementary school age students to basic laws of physics and the necessary mathematic equations that coincide with those scientific calculations.

Ages – 6 to 12. (1st to 5th grade)

Average lesson Duration – 75 minutes

Bricks Challenge building model themes:

  • Amusement park rides
  • Aircrafts
  • Various types of transportation machines
  • Cranes
  • Elevators
  • Modern machinery





Using LEGO® parts and LEGO® WeDo graphic programming to build robots, Robo Bricks enrichment program participants learn software engineering, technology, entrepreneurship and math (STEM). During each lesson, students will assemble a robot that will preform a predetermined task. Constructing these robots will develop each student’s ability to create computer algorithms and capability to implement those computed codes.
Most real world computer programming and software engineering takes place in English. We teach our students using professional English terms helping them to develop their technical language for the field.

Each student in Robo Bricks enrichment program will design a software and mechanical engineering project. Students will be critiqued by potential “investors” after they present their project proposals.  This enrichment program introduces its participants to many important professional skills that we hope they will later be able to employ in their careers.

Suitable for: 4th-6th grade

Average duration – 90 minutes

RoboBricks building model themes:

  • Gadgets and games
  • Modern Robots to execute different tasks